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    Because the is that digital marketing is actually not that mysterious

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    Lead Generation. ROI. Organic Traffic. Direct Traffic. Referrals. Traditional Marketing. Third-Party Vendors. Pay-Per-Click. Content Marketing. Analytics. Retargeting. SEO. Google Local. Facebook. Instagram. Keywords. Conversion Rate.

    The Difference

    Savvy Dealer is not the biggest digital company that you’ll find, but don’t let our size fool you. We are David in a sea of Goliaths, going toe-to-toe with the giants and often outperforming them. Being smaller than our competition has massive advantages. Our team is adaptable and flexible, a group of humble hustlers with a willingness to double down on what works and dump what doesn’t.

    Whether you’re small and family-owned, a dominant regional auto group, or a dealership somewhere in between, we make the most of what you have — and teach you what we know along the way.

    How We Your Sales


    Capture Traffic/Drive Sales

    Drive qualified traffic to your site through targeted ads, custom-built campaigns, and dynamic social media marketing. Capture more audience for less money with smart, efficient advertising that is tooled and tuned constantly to spend your budget most effectively.


    Fuel Long-Term GrowtH

    Optimize your site to create a user experience that works, both for Google and the visitors you want. Fuel your website’s organic growth with regular infusions of well-written content that coordinate with custom -built campaigns, bringing your costs down and giving your users what they need.


    Turbocharge ROI

    Oversee your digital strategy through a customized dashboard, which gives you the information you want when you want it. Analyze how visitors interact with your site and strategize how to improve user experience. Test and audit digital campaigns and assets to determine effectiveness.

    What About US

    “Savvy Dealer has taken our internet marketing to a much higher level. Their knowledge of automotive SEM and keyword strategies have increased our website traffic 66% over the past year. Their SEO strategies have placed our website in national rankings for many typical keyword search terms for our brands.

    When you add their top-notch customer service with their exceptional internet marketing skills, you have a team of experts that are a joy to work with. We have recently increased our services with them to include website design and management.

    I have worked with some great internet and website management companies and consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the industry. Savvy Dealer is the best company I have worked with, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their digital marketing strategy.”

    PAULA LINDLERLaFayette Ford

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