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    Automotive Facebook Advertising

    Why Use Automotive Facebook Advertising?

    Your customers are on Facebook and are scrolling through their feed throughout the day, every day. When a tv commercial comes on, they start scrolling through Facebook. When they’re laying in bed, they start scrolling through Facebook. When they’re sitting in your competitors showroom waiting, they start scrolling through Facebook. This list can go on and on. Facebook is one of the most cost effective platforms to advertise on.

    Why Use Savvy Dealer?

    We build backwards.  We master a perfect score with Facebook and then work backwards to scale it.  Our competition mass produces first, then tries to improve their score with failed results.

    Facebook is inundated with bots and automatic spamming tools.  We knew this going into Facebook ads and recognized the best way to advertise on Facebook is to make your ads act more like posts than spam.  

    This has become incredibly important as Facebook allows users to block advertisers they are tired of or find offensive.  So our focus is as much on placing compelling ads in front of customers as it is not losing that audience by over advertising to them.  We accomplish this by constantly rotating our ads and inventory on Facebook with a focus on what brings customers in, not necessarily what they end up buying.

    • Real Time Adjustments
    • Not Restrained From OEM Programs
    • Gain Leads From Competitors Market
    • Target Specific Locations
    • Highlight the vehicles you want to target


    Lots of traffic, no leads?

    Most common reason is your ads are not targeting your current inventory.  Let us do a Free audit to see if this is why?

    What’s the average cost?

    The cost to manage Facebook starts at $300 a month.

    Do you have to follow OEM guidelines?

    It Depends. We’re big believers in doing what works for the Dealer and then crafting that into OEM requirements where possible.  These are all decisions we will make together.

    Is there a limit on the amount of vehicles I can advertise?

    No, we can advertise hundreds of vehicles if we so choose.

    How do you track performance?

    We use a combination of google analytics, Facebook pixel and where possible phone tracking to measure our progress.

    Do I need to be on Facebook?

    Yes, and yes.  We go where our customers are and our customers are on Facebook.

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