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    The Difference

    Savvy Dealer serves Franchised and Independent Dealers that understand Leads are not created but stolen.  We specialize in countering the strategies of our competitors in order to route more leads to our Dealers.  By conforming our strategy to counter our competitors we outsmart our competition instead of outspending them.

    Product suite

    At Savvy Dealer, we customize our marketing packages to meet your needs, not ours. We believe that a three-pronged approach to digital makes the most sense for your business. This approach sets us apart: our priority is on what gives you the best return on your investment in the long run.

    Let us show you…

    How We Your Sales


    Capture Traffic/Drive Sales

    We don’t just run ads.

    We hand build Facebook Ads that lead the industry in performance.  We hand select the vehicles that will perform the best and give you top reports on the performance of your inventory both on Facebook and beyond.


    Fuel Long-Term sITE GrowtH

    We don’t just write content.

    We optimize your site to create a user experience that works, both for Google and the visitors you want. Fuel your website’s organic growth with regular infusions of well-written content.


    Turbocharge YOUR PPC

    Automotive PPC Ads

    We know what to target and how to bid to win in Automotive PPC.  We run some of the most successful Google Ad and Bing Ad campaigns in the industry. We focus on what you have in stock and prioritize each vehicle individually.


    Dominate Your Online Market

    We don’t just build sites.

    We accelerate your SEO and SEM efforts with a customized website platform that is responsive and adaptable to your dealership’s needs and to your customer’s experience.

    What About US

    “Savvy Dealer has taken our internet marketing to a much higher level. Their knowledge of automotive SEM and keyword strategies have increased our website traffic 66% over the past year. Their SEO strategies have placed our website in national rankings for many typical keyword search terms for our brands.

    When you add their top-notch customer service with their exceptional internet marketing skills, you have a team of experts that are a joy to work with. We have recently increased our services with them to include website design and management.

    I have worked with some great internet and website management companies and consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the industry. Savvy Dealer is the best company I have worked with, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their digital marketing strategy.”

    PAULA LINDLERLaFayette Ford

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